Personal Trainers

Gaby Niedzwiecka
Hey, I’m Gaby! General Club Manager and Personal Trainer. I’m here to empower women like YOU to transform their bodies for life, build unstoppable confidence and start feeling stronger overall! Lacking self confidence and feeling uncomfortable gets to be a thing of the past… Having overcome that myself, I have a deep underlying passion to help others become the best version of themselves and want you to uncover a new found confidence in the gym. I’m here to challenge you to new heights so don’t expect it to be easy.. expect fun though! Ready to start? .. Drop me a message privately!
Charlie Kidd
Hi,I'm Charlie! My mission is to make people fall in love with their training. When you love the journey, you’ll reach the destination without even thinking about it. By giving you a combination of what you want, what you need, using various modalities of training and ensuring you can safely earn the right to move, I hope to bring both physical and mental improvements to everyone I get to work with. Moving better, looking better, feeling better. I look forward to working with you soon!
Shauna Laundreau
Hey I’m Shauna, I’m a Personal trainer and Nutrition Coach. I want to help you become the best version of yourself both inside and outside of the gym by guiding you to finally achieve your fitness goals: whether that be building muscle, losing fat, getting stronger, or simply improving health. I’m here to support and motivate you to transform your body both physically and mentally. If you want to upgrade your life, feel strong, and build confidence feel free to contact me!
Michelle Ortega
I'm a Strength & Conditioning specialist with a Sport & Exercise Science degree. I help busy professionals increase strength, athleticism without over-complicating. My mission is to provide elite sports-based coaching to unlock your true physical potential. Efficient, proven approaches for guaranteed success. I teach advanced weightlifting techniques for those up for a challenge. Ready to unlock your full potential?
Hi, I am here to help you reach your goals. I have over 30 years’ experience in the gym environment! If you are a beginner or novice, I can help you. If you stick to the plan, I will guarantee you will get the best results possible. Bespoke plans to suit every individual. I understand the highs and the lows but together we will achieve great results. Joining me will be the best decision you will ever make. Don’t delay and book your free consultation call NOW!
Bray Nathan
Hey, I'm Bray! I have a Master’s degree in Sport Science and work as a Clinical Health Coach for diabetes prevention with experience in weight management and 10 years of training in the gym. Let’s work together through a research based programme tailored specifically to you to smash goals you never even thought you could reach. Sessions available 1-to-1 or with a partner. Find me in the gym or drop me a message for a quick chat for some free advice and to find out more.
I’m Cory a S&C Performance Coach. Who delivers results to Athletes and Working Profession through health, fitness and performance. I’ve worked with world champion Athletes and use the latest technology to test the depths of your physiology to show the changes you make.Sessions start at £45 with Coaching Options Available.