Strength 101

Strength training for beginners: Strength and conditioning combines high-intensity with cardiovascular endurance. This class will increase your strength, stamina, and maximise your performance for any physical challenge or activity.


Yoga for beginners:

Yoga will combine breathing techniques, meditation and specific poses that will tighten your core and increase your whole bodies range of motion. Releasing you of tension both mind and body.


Boxing training is a mixture of fun, fast paced workouts that build up your endurance and your upper body strength. Working through different movment patterens to ensure and over all work out.

Abs & Stretch

An abs blast that will work and strengthen your core. Combined with stretching to relax those muscles worked and to imporve overall body posture.


HIIT sessions are a combination of body weight training and endurance training to maximise your fat burning potential. Working for quick blasts with short recovery times.


Circuits will have you working your whole body. You'll be moving from different stations, doing different exercises. With short rest times you'll be burning some serious calories.


Focusing on deep toning and working your body to increase it's range of motion. Each class will help you to define your body and your inner core.

Strength & Conditioning

Specialised training sessions to focus on heavy weights. With a mixture of high and low reps to work all the major muscles groups on our specially designed strength and conditioning space. Building up muscles mass and definition.

Triple Threat

The best combination workout around - 30 minutes of strength work, 30 minutes of endurance, and 30 minutes of hot yoga to improve your body, fitness, health, and mood.

Hot power yoga

This yoga class will give you the strength, flexibility and cardio kick your body needs. It will challenge you mentally and physically, as you work with the mind to stay in the poses. The class will finish with a 5 minute relaxation meditation to allow the body to fully recover and absorb the benefits. Can be adapted to all abilities. Not suitable if pregnant.

hot flow yoga

This Yoga class works with the energy of the physical and emotional. Allowing you to strengthen, become more flexible and for you to immerse yourself in a complete mind and body experience. Working with breath to movement, this class will leave you feeling calm yet energised, finishing with a 5 minute relaxation mediation. Can be adapted to all abilities. Not suitable if pregnant.

Olympic Lifting

This class guides you through the fine art of the Olympic Lifts: Snatch and Clean, Jerk and Progression Lifts. Steadily increasing your weights as you build your strength. 


Barbell training to focus on the technique and movements. Using a range of light to heavy weights. Focusing on a different muscles group each week.