Hybrid Fitness

Dear Hybrid Fitness Family, Our priority is always to serve our community by providing a safe environment to exercise and for all to enjoy but given the rapid developments with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak it is with great disappointment that we will have to temporarily close with immediate effect.

This doesn’t mean we have forgotten you though, our mission still stands, for us to work together to achieve your health and fitness goals so please follow us on social media to keep you on track to a healthy 2020!

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Strength & conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning studio boasts a multi functional rig with individual stations each equipped with a lifting platform, Olympic bars, kettlebells, medicine balls, landmines, plyo boxes, TRX® to ensure each workout targets every body part. Our fully qualified coaches each with their own flare of training will help challenge your limits.

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Hot Yoga

Mind and body focus to provide you with that deep muscle training that will target each part of your body. Our Hot Yoga studio will ensure that you work up a sweat and detox your body of all things negative leaving you feeling in total harmony

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The best combination workout around - 30 minutes of strength work, 30 minutes of boxing, and 30 minutes of hot yoga to improve your body, fitness, health, and mood.

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If you’re looking to tone and shred fat then our version of a high intensity interval training is designed to get your working at your max heart rate and then bringing it down and then back up again. You’ll be moving around different stations working every aspect of your body. With our qualified and motivated instructors guiding you you’ll be burning some serious calories whilst having fun.

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